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We ask that you submit information about your potential case in writing so that we may properly assess the viability of your allegations and the issues they raise, thereby allowing us to make an informed decision as to whether we may be able to represent you.  Accordingly, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible in your responses.

If this is a tax case and the amount of taxes, penalties and interest owed is less than $2,000,000, please contact the IRS at 1-800-829-0433.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from the IRS and you do not owe taxes, please report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General at 1-800-366-4484.

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Important Notice:

By law, your communications with us during the evaluation process are regarded as privileged and confidential, and will be treated accordingly. Nevertheless, you should understand that simply by providing information about a potential case to us, Kenney & McCafferty has not agreed to represent you nor have you agreed to retain Kenney & McCafferty.  With your permission, we may use your information at this point to investigate whether we wish to represent you to bring a case. Moreover, the contents of our website, and each of its pages, should not be construed to contain legal advice.

Please keep in mind that the statute of limitations for filing for a reward for reporting fraud against the government may be as short as six years and for reporting tax evasion as short as three years (absent specific intent to defraud), and that your ability to file such a suit may be cut off earlier if someone else publicizes the conduct at issue, if someone else files before you, or if the government is otherwise spurred into action.  If you are aware of any impending events that may preempt your claim, please tell us immediately.

For more information on filing a claim, contact Kenney & McCafferty Law Firm at 800-533-1015 or email us.

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