How to Report a False Claim

The Federal False Claims Act governs cases involving fraud committed against the government. Under the Federal False Claims Act, individuals who have knowledge of fraud can file a civil lawsuit in order to help the government recover the funds to which it is entitled. As an incentive to come forward, the informant is eligible to receive a percentage of the recovered funds.

To initiate a case under the Federal False Claims Act:

  • You must be represented by counsel and file a Complaint in a United States Federal District Court.
  • The lawsuit is filed under seal, undisclosed to anyone except the government prosecutors and the Court. Even the defendants charged with committing fraud are not aware of the lawsuit at this time.
  • A copy of the Complaint, along with a written disclosure summarizing all of the relevant information and documentation, must be served upon the United States Attorney of the district in which the case is filed.
  • While the lawsuit is under seal, the government may investigate the fraud allegations without the defendant becoming aware of the investigation. The seal is left in place for 60 days, but is often extended to provide the government with ample time to conduct its investigation.

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