What is Financial Fraud?

Fraudulent activity that leads to a false claim being paid by the government could be considered a violation of the False Claims Act. This includes financial transactions, accounting practices, and lending and borrowing. Financial industry fraud costs the government millions of taxpayer dollars each year — so it is imperative that whistleblowers come forward with information.

Financial Industry Fraud often results in false claim recoveries that reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars, which provides the potential for lucrative whistleblower rewards.

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Mortgage Fraud is the practice of submitting fraudulent or falsified information to secure FHA or HUD funds, loan guarantees, or mortgage insurance that results in government financial assistance being paid based on fraud.  Financial Industry Fraud can also involve violations of the IRS statue and the SEC and CFTC statutes.

Do you know of a possible case of financial fraud? The attorneys at Kenney & McCafferty have the skills and experience to hold wrongdoers accountable for their fraudulent actions — and help you maximize your whistleblower reward.

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