Procurement Fraud

The continuous outsourcing of goods and services by the government has resulted in fraud within the acquisition lifecycle of a product or service.Government procurement fraud can occur any time the government enters into a contract with a private entity. There is a multitude of ways that procurement fraud can be committed.

The following forms of government procurement fraud are the most typical:

  • Bid rigging/bid splitting to secure contracts
  • Overcharging for goods, services, or labor
  • Creation of shell companies to facilitate fraudulent payments
  • Collusion between suppliers
  • Improper product substitution
  • Worthless or sub-standard products
  • S. Trade Agreements Act compliance
  • Inflation of costs and charges

As a result of the overwhelming volume of procurement transactions, and the fact that fraud is often embedded in a contract making it difficult to spot, the False Claims Act has become an increasingly powerful tool in helping to identify fraud, waste and abuse in government contracting.

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