What Is Pharmaceutical Fraud?

Kenney & McCafferty represents pharmaceutical employees, physicians, and other individuals with knowledge of pharmaceutical fraud. Over the years we have helped recover billions of dollars for the federal government, netting our clients multi-million dollar awards.

The False Claims Act provides a strong financial incentive to those aware of pharmaceutical fraud to come forward with information. Our whistleblower attorneys have the experience and skills to help you prepare, investigate, and prosecute your claim to ensure the greatest likelihood of reward.

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Types of Pharmaceutical Fraud

Kenney & McCafferty’s attorneys are experienced in the representation of pharmaceutical fraud whistleblowers and have the resources and knowledge to thoroughly investigate and evaluate your claim. While common schemes within the pharmaceutical industry include off label marketing, pharmaceutical kickbacks, and pricing fraud, our qui tam lawyers are well equipped to handle a variety of other pharmaceutical frauds, including:

Off-Label Marketing

Medicare Part D Fraud

Best Price Fraud

Pharmaceutical Kickbacks

Specialty Pharmacy Fraud

Good Manufacturing Practice Violations

Medicaid Price Reporting

Manufactured Compound Drugs

Tax Fraud

SEC Fraud

Do you know of a possible case of pharmaceutical fraud?

The Kenney & McCafferty attorneys have the experience to help you maximize your whistleblower reward and hold wrongdoers accountable for their fraudulent actions. Contact us today, call 800-533-1015 for a free consultation.

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