Do I need a Whistleblower attorney?

Under certain circumstances, the IRS and SEC/CFTC whistleblower programs allow whistleblowers to proceed without an attorney. However, beacuse there are important considerations when deciding how to proceed, it is advisable to contact an experienced whistleblower attorney.

What is Late Trading?

Late trading refers to the practice of placing orders to buy or redeem mutual fund shares after the time as of which a mutual fund has calculated its net asset value (NAV), usually as of the close of trading at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, but receiving the price based on the prior NAV already determined as of that day.

Late Trading Violations and Reporting SEC Fraud

Late trading violates the federal securities laws concerning the price at which mutual fund shares must be bought or redeemed and defrauds innocent investors in those mutual funds by giving to the late trader an advantage not available to other investors.

In particular, the late trader obtains an advantage – at the expense of the other shareholders of the mutual fund – when he learns of market moving information and is able to purchase or redeem mutual fund shares at prices set before the market moving information was released.

Learn more about Late Trading

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