How do I file a claim?


To qualify for an award under the SEC Whistleblower Program, you must submit information regarding possible securities law violations to the Commission in one of the following ways:

  • Online through the Commission’s Tip, Complaint or Referral Portal; or
  • By mailing or faxing aForm TCR to:

SEC Office of the Whistleblower
100 F Street NE
Mail Stop 5631
Washington, DC 20549
Fax: (703) 813-9322

Likewise, the CFTC relies on the public as an important source of information in carrying out its regulatory and enforcement responsibilities. If you have information about a violation of the Commodity Exchange Act or Commission regulations, you may either file a tip or complaint under the CFTC whistleblower program by filing a Form TCR, or report such violations or other suspicious activities or transactions to the Division of Enforcement.

Kenney & McCafferty whistleblower attorneys have represented many whistleblowers in filing these types of claims and can assist you in filing your claim. If you have knowledge of a securities violation, please contact our SEC and CFTC whistleblower lawyers today. Kenney & McCafferty attorneys will consult with you about your case, without obligation. All communications with Kenney & McCafferty attorneys during these consultation services are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

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