Do I need a whistleblower attorney?


Like the IRS Whistleblower Program, the SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs allow whistleblowers to proceed without an attorney. However, there are important considerations when deciding how to proceed with an SEC or CFTC whistleblower claim. While the exact percentage received by a whistleblower is in the sole discretion of the SEC, the SEC will consider a variety of positive and negative factors. Accordingly, to maximize any potential monetary award, whistleblowers are encouraged to consult with a lawyer familiar with the guidelines and protocols. Moreover, many individuals are concerned they may be complicit in the fraud. An experienced attorney can work with you and with the SEC to help minimize your exposure while working with the SEC.

Please note that if you choose to submit your information anonymously under the SEC Whistleblower Program, i.e., without providing your identity or contact information, you must be represented by an attorney in connection with your submission in order to be eligible for an award. Thus, you may report fraud anonymously, as long as you have retained a lawyer to represent you.

If you have knowledge of securities law violations and would like to discuss the possibility of a whistleblower award under the SEC or CFTC whistleblower programs, please contact our SEC whistleblower attorneys today. Kenney & McCafferty will consult with you about your case, without obligation.

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