Why is it important to be a whistleblower?


Unfortunately, unscrupulous vendors and corporations regularly make false claims against the government for payments of goods or services to which they are not entitled to receive compensation. These false claims usurp valuable financial resources which could be used to benefit the American public. This is especially problematic in our current economic climate, where we face a rather large federal deficit.

The government lacks the time, resources, and expertise to ferret out and prosecute most of the fraudulent claims made against it every year. The government has a finite amount of resources to allocate to important programs such as Medicare, healthcare, and defense, and it is important that these resources are used wisely. Therefore, it needs the help of whistleblowers and whistleblower counsel to assist in this important task. Fraud against the government is a problem for everyone, and with your help, the U.S. government can recover important resources which can be used for the benefit of all Americans.

If you share our sense of outrage at the rampant fraud committed against the government, we urge you to come forward. If you have knowledge of fraudulent violations governed by the federal False Claims Act, it is important to report it. You will be performing a valuable public service.

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